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  • 96, Central Way
  • Oxted, Surrey RH8, UK

This is an introduction to the Sparclean Cleaning Company. A home grown and self made company which has grown from humble beginnings in the mid nineties, into one of south London’s more professional and well known sole trading businesses.

Sparclean is the brainchild of Ms Adriana Nunes Vilela. Adriana arrived in London, with an unbridled passion to learn the English language, and a desire to understand the English culture. As a keen observer, Adriana quickly identified the need of busy working household families to have full time support staff in order to accomplish their daily tasks.

And as a shrewd entrepreneur, she utilised this knowledge, and created a business that provided solutions for these families, in order to make their daily life easier, and more manageable.

Today, Sparclean is utilised by 95 families to assist in the running of their daily chores. From mundane tasks such as ironing, weekly cleaning and one-off spring cleans Sparclean is assisting families and single parents in organising their family life, and helping them achieve their daily goals.

Are your Children driving you crazy?

Tired of your everyday chores?

Need a break?

Our cleaning service covers every single spot of your home:

  • We provide 3 hours minimum service (charge rates do not include costs of cleaning material).
  • Fully insured for breakage.
  • To ensure the highest quality of service, the supervisor always has the first look of your home to make a list of the hard spots.
  • Our supervisor does regular periodic visits to ensure that cleaning standards are maintained to the required standard.